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Industrial Career Days

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1. Meetings with employers

The concept of special meetings of the representatives of manufacturing companies with job seekers is a continuation of the project “Informational Career Days in Trakia economic zone”, which took place in early 2017. The 1,000 candidates who attended the events of the initiative proved that these face-to-face meetings are necessary in the process of recruitment for manufacturing enterprises.

Schedule for holding “Industrial Career Days” 2017 :

  • 13 May – Industrial Career Days, Pazardjik
  • 03 June – Industrial Career Days, Saedinenie
  • 10 June – Industrial Career Days, Yambol
  • 17 June – Industrial Career Days, Pleven

* The dates of other upcoming meetings until the end of 2017 will be announced 30 days prior to each event. 

The meetings take place in the form of a career forum –  after the companies give presentation of their activities, each job seeker can meet with their representatives, to find out more about open positions and working conditions and apply on the spot. Employers which participated in the first stage were ABB Bulgaria, Bella Bulgaria, Biomashinostroene, Kaufland Bulgaria, Liebherr Hausgeräte – Maritsa and Sensata Technologies Bulgaria.

2. Media Campaign

The media campaign in national and local media and social networks has a leading role in the project. Posters and other promotional materials are distributed in the cities of conduct and in smaller settlements in the area. The campaign is organized based on the experience of the first stage of events held for Trakia Economic Zone, and is designed to attract candidates with profiles that match the requirements of employers. Goals and issues:

  • Promoting the opportunities for a career in the manufacturing industry;
  • Employer branding of the participating companies;
  • Dissemination of information about the events.

The main platform for the project is “Industrial Map of Bulgaria” – https://industria.bg/, where users can find all the information about the initiative.

Dates and cities of conduct of the upcoming meetings from “Industrial Career Days” are indicated on the map. Each event shows the profiles of the companies which participate, and vice versa – the profiles of the companies contain information about events where job seekers can meet face-to-face with their representative.

4. How to participate?

The participants in “Industrial Career Days” shall get:

  • Explicitly listed in the media campaign and event advertising;
  • Employer Branding page with job ads in industria.bg;
  • Presentation during the event;
  • Stall during the event.

In case that a representative of the company is not able to attend any of the selected events, we can assist you by assigning an employee of JobTiger to present the company and after appropriate training to select CVs from candidates.

Price of participation in „Industrial Career Days“:

  • Participation in one event – BGN 1 200 excl.VAT
  • Participation in second event – BGN 1 100 excl.VAT
  • Participation in third event – BGN 1 000 excl.VAT
  • Participation in forth event – BGN 900 excl.VAT
  • Participation in fifth and any further event – BGN 800 excl.VAT

The discount based on number of events is valid for all events until the end of 2017. Each new event is announced in the “Career Events” section on industria.bg not later than 30 days before the date of the event. Requests for participation will be accepted until 14 days before the event.

You can sign up for an event by contacting us on industria@jobtiger.bg  or phone number +359 2 4918000